1. The author submits article to the editorial office of the journal. Requirements regarding materials are published in every issue of the journal.
2. The editorial office decision about the article to be accepted for publishing is based on the independent reviewer’s report and the analysis of the submitted material`s compliance with the publication rules. At the same time, the editorial office is guided by the principles of unbiased approach, confidentiality and academic conscientiousness. Publication Ethics Statement is available at the journal’s Web site.
3. Editorial office resends the article without identification of the author to the independent reviewer. The peer review process is double-blinded.
4. After receiving questions and proposals of the reviewer the article is considered by the editor of the journal. If necessary, the editorial office sends the conclusion to the author during 4 weeks.
5. The authors correct the article according to the questions of the reviewer and resubmit it shortly.
6. After second review by the reviewer and the editor, the article is included into the contents of the journal. In case of the debates between the author and reviewer, the editorial office appoints an additional reviewer in order to make an objective decision. All issues are considered during the editorial board meeting.
7. The editorial office sends the article ready for publication to the author in order to perform final check of the text and illustrations.
8. All accepted articles are available at the web site.
9. The journal keeps the policy of open access to the published material, considering the priority of free distribution of the scientific information and knowledge exchange for global progress of the society. The users have possibility of free reading, uploading, copying and distribution of the texts with teaching and scientific purposes, with obligatory listing the authorship and reference data in the journal.