The problem of inpatient thrombosis of coronary arteries in patients with COVID-19 on the background of intensive antithrombotic therapy

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D. I. Besh
M. Yu. Sokolov
D. D. Zerbino
O. I. Boyko


Myocardial infarction claims million lives on the planet each year. Pharmacotherapy in combination with percutaneous coronary interventions have significantly reduced morbidity and mortality in this cohort. Despite optimal therapy and prophylaxis, there is a group of patients with recurrent, often fatal, coronary thromboses. During the COVID-19 pandemic, some patients developed episodes of thrombosis in blood vessels of various organs, including brain, heart or lungs, even on therapeutic anticoagulation. The patient was admitted to the department of cardiology and reperfusion therapy, with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 resulted in acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction. Patient underwent urgent coronary angiography with thromboaspiration and stenting of the infarct-dependent right coronary artery followed by optimal medical treatment with the use of triple antithrombotic therapy. His condition became stable with the resolution of ST-segment elevation on electrocardiogram. A few days later, the condition of the patient deteriorated again with recurrent of chest pain and a new ST segment elevation. Repeated coronary angiography revealed recurrent thrombosis in the right coronary artery. The mechanisms of thrombosis in COVID-19 are not fully understood. Among possible, the direct effect of the virus on tissues, activation of pro-inflammatory system and coagulation system, impaired vasodilation, and decreased fibrinolytic activity are discussed. These mechanisms may lead to vascular thrombosis in different organs, particularly heart, lungs, and brain.

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COVID-19, coronary artery thrombosis


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