Comparative analysis of subclinical anxiety-depressive syndrome in STEMI patients before and during active hostilities in Kharkiv Region, Ukraine

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O. V. Petyunina
M. P. Kopytsya
I. R. Vyshnevska
P. O. Petiunin


The aim – to assess subclinical emotional distress in patients with ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) before and during the ongoing conflict in the Kharkiv Region. 
Materials and methods. The study encompassed 242 patients exhibiting subclinical emotional distress and hospitalized with STEMI at «L.T. Malaya TNI of NAMSU» before active conflict, compared with 65 patients during the conflict. Adherence to ethical standards was ensured, in line with the 1964 Helsinki Declaration, and the protocol received approval from the local ethics committee (Protocol № 8, dated 29.08.2016, and Protocol № 4, dated 12.05.2022). Participants completed the DASS-21 questionnaire, reflecting their emotional state 10–14 days prior, and received STEMI treatment as per current guidelines.
Results. We showed that anxiety more frequent appeared during the active hostilities (p=0.0218). Depression had the influence on excessive smoking (p=0.0199), LV EF decrease (p=0.0057), LDL-C increase (p=0.0393). Anxiety and stress intrude into hypertension frequency (p=0.0171, p=0.0489) consequently as well as anxiety – on LDL-C increase (p=0.0068). All data of subclinical emotional distress during active hostilities associate with the frequency of smoking increase: p=0.0422 for depression, p=0.0275 for anxiety and p=0.0199 for stress. Depression associates with LVEF decrease (p=0.0267), the leucocytes count increase (p=0.0467), high frequency of hypertension (p=0.0410). Anxiety associates with higher heart rate (p=0.0277), depression and stress – with younger age (p=0.0369).
Conclusions. Our research demonstrates close associations between the data of subclinical emotional distress both in patients with STEMI before and during the active hostilities in Kharkiv Region. Data were assessed with DASS-21 questionnaire on 10 –14 day prior the event. These results should be undertaken during general practitioner’s appointment to prevent further cardiovascular event.

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STEMI, subclinical emotional distress, active hostilities in Kharkiv Region


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