Comparative evaluation of the influence of nitrate-central and diuretic-central treatment strategies for acute decompencated heart failure in patients with chronic kidney disease

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K. M. Amosova
I. I. Gorda
A. B. Bezrodnyi
G. V. Mostbauer
Yu. V. Rudenko
A. V. Sablin
N. V. Melnichenko
Yu. O. Sychenko
K. I. Cherniaieva
O.V. Vasylenko
I. V. Prudkiy
I. S. Kovalyova
O. V. Khodakivska
P. O. Lazarev
N. O. Kononenko


The aim – to сonduct a comparative evaluation of the effectiveness of different treatment strategies for «wet and
warm» patients with acute decompensated heart failure (ADHF) with сhronic kidney disease (CKD).
Material and methods. A prospective study involved 141 patients with ADHF aged 38 to 85 years (mean age 66.4±2.2), who were hospitalized sequentially in the cardiology departments during 2012–2014. Among all patients with CKD, glomerular filtration rate < 60 ml/(hr · 1.73 m2) was revealed in 95 patients (67.3 %). Diuretic-central (DC) strategy was chosen in 57, nitrate-central (NC) – in 38 patients.
Results. At admission patients DC and NC groups were comparable regarding the level of NT-proBNP, which was significantly decreased in both groups on day 3 (Р<0.05) and in the NC group compared to DC, this decrease was significantly greater than both day 3 and day of the discharge (P<0.05). Glomerular filtration rate was significantly higher already at day 3 in the NC group (35.7±2.8 ml/min versus 30.4±2.7 ml/min, Р<0.05) and was maintained higher at the discharge (63.2±3.7 ml/min versus 48.1±3.8 ml/min, Р<0.01).
Conclusion. In patients with ADHF with CKD, the nitrate-central strategy, in comparison with diuretic-central, is associated with more pronounced clinical decongestion and less pronounced influence on kidney function.

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chronic kidney disease, acute decompensated heart failure, lipocalin, gelatinase-associated neutrophils (NGAL), glomerular filtration rate


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