The effect of left ventricular remodeling on the longitudinal myocardial kinetics of both heart ventricles in patients with arterial hypertension and cardiovascular risk factors

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O. S. Barabash
Yu. A. Ivaniv
I. M. Tumak
Y. R. Barabash


The aim – to study the longitudinal kinetics of the left, right ventricles and interventricular septum (IVS), depending on the type of left ventricular (LV) remodeling in patients with arterial hypertension (AH) in combination with additional cardiovascular risk factors with preserved LV contractility, as well as to determine the correlation of changes in the right ventricular systolic and diastolic parameters estimated with the tissue pulsed-wave Doppler imaging (TDI) with the same indices of the LV and IVS.
Materials and methods. The study included 71 patients (average age – 54) with essential AH (68 % men) with a normal LV ejection fraction. The patients had the obese stage 1, combined hyperlipidemia, 29.6 % of patients had type II diabetes, 33.8 % were smokers. The patients were distributed into 4 groups depending on the types of remodeling: 1 – normal geometry (12.7 %); 2 – concentric remodeling (47.9 %); 3 – concentric hypertrophy (35.2 %); 4 – eccentric hypertrophy (4.2 %). TDI of the left and right ventricles and IVS was performed, systolic and diastolic TDI indices were determined, and the index of isovolumic myocardial acceleration (IVA) was calculated for the right ventricle (RV).
Results and discussion. The type of LV concentric hypertrophy negatively affects the longitudinal myocardial kinetics of LV and IVS in the study group. The early diastolic velocity Em and the systolic velocity Sm were significantly decreased for the LV and IVS, the late diastolic velocity Am was decreased for the IVS and the E/Em for LV ratio was notably increased. Among the diastolic RV TDI indices only the deceleration time DTEm was significantly longer in LV concentric remodeling and concentric hypertrophy, than in its normal geometry. The IVA index was decreased in changing the type of LV
geometry from normal to eccentric hypertrophy, indicating worsening of the RV longitudinal myocardial systolic function. There was a close correlation between diastolic and systolic TDI indices of the RV and IVS, which potentially indicated the importance of IVS in the mechanism of interventricular interaction and its effect on the RV function. The reliable dependence of systolic and diastolic RV TDI indices on the LV contractility was established.
Conclusions. The type of LV remodeling, especially concentric hypertrophy, negatively affects the longitudinal myocardial kinetics of both ventricles in patients with AH in combination with additional cardiovascular risk factors. IVA can be a sensitive diagnostic criterion in the detection of early myocardial disorders of the RV systolic function with the changes of the LV geometry in this category of patients. Indices of RV longitudinal myocardial kinetics are closely dependent on changes in the function of IVS, which has a leading role in the formation of interventricular interaction.

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arterial hypertension, cardiovascular risk factors, longitudinal myocardial kinetics, remodeling of the left ventricle, interventricular interaction.


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