Clinical and functional characteristics of hospitalized patients with heart failure in the routine clinical practice

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V. I. Tseluyko
A. O. Lukyanenko
L. M. Yakovleva


The aim – to provide сlinical and functional characteristics of patients with heart failure (HF) admitted to the cardiologic clinic
Materials and methods. We studied 150 in-patient cards of the patients who were consecutively admitted to City Clinical Hospital N 8 between August 2018 and September 2019. 124 (80.6 %) patients who had the diagnosis of HF were selected for the future analysis.
Results and discussion. Among the examined HF patients, 89 (71.8 %) had HF stage ІІА,18 (14.5 %) had stage IIB and 17 (13.7 %) had stage I. 23 (18,5 %) of patients had left ventricle ejection fraction (LVEF) below 40 %, 101 (81.5 %) had preserved LVEF. 73 (58.9 %) of examined patients with HF were male, 51 (41.1 %) were female. Women were elder then men and were more likely to have stage II arterial hypertension (AH) while men were more likely to have stage 3 AH. Most females had HF with preserved LVEF.
Conclusions. Most patients with HF have preserved LVEF which can be the result of HF hyperdiagnistics in the situation of missing NT-proBNP assessment. In the group of patients with preserved LVEF HF 19.8 % of patients have EF of 40–49 % while 20.8 % have LVEF over 62 %. The most common comorbidity in patients with preserved LVEF HF was AH (88.1 %), coronary artery disease (77.2 %), atrial fibrillation (29.4 %).

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heart failure, echocardiography, preserved left ventricle ejection fraction, reduced left ventricle ejection fraction


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