Thrombosis in the left ventricular cavity. Part 2. Treatment options

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O. I. Irkin
D. O. Bilyi


Despite the long-standing problem of intracavitary thrombus formation, the question of treatment is still quite difficult for any clinician who encounters it. The doctor always has the choice of which of the anticoagulants to give preference to, when starting the treatment of blood clots. Errors in the selection of the drug and dosage cause a high risk of bleeding in the patient and on the other hand the risk of developing complications in the presence of thrombus formation in the left ventricular cavity.
Therefore, in our review, we decided to draw the attention of doctors to this problem by referring to and analyzing data from registries, meta-analyses, pilot and randomized multicenter clinical trials.

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thrombosis, anticoagulants, vitamin K antagonists, new oral anticoagulants, thrombus resolution


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