Results of Holter ECG monitoring in patients with Left ventricular dysfunction before planned surgical revascularization. Features of the «grey area»

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O. A. Yepanchintseva
O. J. Zharinov
K. O. Mikhaliev
B. M. Todurov


The aim – to study the clinical characteristics of patients with stable coronary heart disease (CHD) and heart failure (HF) with mid-range left ventricular (LV) ejection fraction (EF) (40–49 %; HFmrEF), undergoing the planned coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) in the real-life clinical practice settings.
Material and methods. We conducted a cross-sectional one-center study and consecutively enrolled 622 patients with stable CHD (mean age 61±9 yr, 526 (84.6 %) males and 96 (15.4 %) females), undergoing planned CABG. We analyzed demographic, clinical, laboratory, echocardiographic and coronary angiographic data. The population of enrolled patients was stratified into three groups according to the LVEF degree: group 1 (LVEF ≥ 50 %; 350 (56.3 %)); group 2 (LVEF 40–49 %; 11 (18.5 %)); and group 3 (LVEF < 40 %; 157 (25.2 %)).
Results. The set of parameters in group 2, having intermediate values when compared to groups 1 and 3, were: the frequency of baseline aldosterone antagonists administration; the frequency of patients without mitral and tricuspid regurgitation; the frequency of patients with moderate or severe mitral regurgitation; mean systolic pulmonary artery pressure; the frequency of patients with LV aneurysm, detected by coronary ventriculography.
Conclusion. The population of patients with CHD and HFmrEF, undergoing CABG in the real-life clinical practice settings, is associated with clinical heterogeneity. Further studies are warranted, aimed to determine the predictors of favorable and unfavorable dynamics of LVEF in this category of patients in the post-CABG period.

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Left ventricle, «mid-range» ejection fraction, coronary heart disease, revascularization.


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