Clinical use of statins during coronary artery bypass grafting

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O. J. Zharinov
I. V. Shklianka
O. A. Yepanchintseva
B. M. Todurov


The review summarizes current data on the use of statins in patients with coronary heart disease when performing coronary artery bypass grafting. The information about the mechanisms of action of statins, principles of pre- and postoperative usage, in particular, the duration of administration and dosage, is provided. The beneficial effect of statins in preventing of complications are associated with their non-lipid properties: inhibition of inflammation in the vascular wall, endothelial function improvement, reducing of platelet aggregation and smooth muscle cells proliferative activity. In many clinical trials, statin treatment reduced the risk of postoperative atrial fibrillation, myocardial infarction, stroke and death, allowed to reduce the length of stay in the intensive care and hospital treatment. However, the appointment of high-intensity statin therapy was associated with increased frequency of renal failure. The lack of sufficient evidence base and uncertainty of recommendations lead to insufficient use of these drugs in clinical practice.

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coronary artery bypass grafting, statins, mechanisms, dosage, effectiveness


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