Hyponatremia in patients with decompensated heart failure

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V. I. Tseluyko
N. E. Mishchuk
L. V. Ivanitska


Lecture is devoted to hyponatremia (HNa), the most common electrolyte disturbance in hospitalized patients, which is related to the risk of potentially life-threatening complications and prognosis worsening. Etiology factors and pathophysiological mechanisms of HNa development, particularly in patients with decompensated heart failure (HF), are considered, as well as clinical manifestations of acute and chronic HNa. Clinical interpretation algorithm for HNa, diagnostics and differential diagnostic, principles of initial and long-term management of HF patients with certain type of HNa are discussed. Practical management of the patient with severe HF complicated with HNa is illustrated with clinical case.

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electrolyte disturbances, hyponatremia, heart failure


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