Primary cardiac fibroma of the right ventricle in the child: clinical and pathomorphological analysis of case

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Yu. I. Kuzyk
I. I. Hoshovska
B. A. Hoshovsky


Case of cardiac fibroma of the right ventricle of the heart in a girl of 1 year 3 months age is described. Clinically, the tumor had an asymptomatic course, which was interrupted by sudden occurrence of heart failure with attacks of the paroxysmal ventricular tachycardia. Fibroma had a typical histological structure at the pathomorphology. The death of a child occurred during the surgical treatment initiated due to vital indications, being a result of cardiac failure due to cardiogenic shock. Tumors of the heart are a rare pathology in childhood, difficult for timely diagnosis and treatment.

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Tumors of the heart, cardiac fibroma, pathomorphology, children.


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